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The next generation of ostomy care.

Our mission is to push ostomy products into the future by combining innovative science with a people-minded lifestyle approach, based in listening, candor, and community.

It’s in the Bag is the first deodorizing lubricant to use LiquiGlide® technology which creates a durable, self-lubricating, slippery surface.

LiquiGlide® technology has been used on the International Space Station to prevent harmful microbial bacteria from building up and affecting astronauts and materials in space!

It has wow’d Colgate customers with the ability to get every last drop out of their toothpaste, putting an end to mangled tubes on sinks everywhere.

For people living with an ostomy, we’ve applied this revolutionary tech to our deodorizing lubricant to coat the inside of your pouch, allowing output to easily slide to the bottom.

It’s in the Bag provides easier empties, fewer bag changes, less pancaking and a cleaner overall experience.

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How we’re different

  • Alleviates Pancaking

    It's in the Bag prevented pancaking 100% of the time, with competitors clocking in at 33% or less.*

  • Empties in seconds.

    It's in the Bag enabled pouches to drain at least five times faster than those lubricated with the leading competitor.*

  • Cleaner and longer-lasting.

    With just one application, pouches lubricated with It’s in the Bag contained 94% less residual mass by the third empty.*

* In laboratory testing

We make products for people,
not patients.

At Revel, we are working toward a world where products are adapted for people and not the other way around. 

We have watched as ostomates themselves have disrupted the industry with their openness, courage, and humor. Revel is simply the team taking action in response. We are a brand driven proudly by the people that use our products, and will always prioritize changing the industry alongside them.

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